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tomliu123, 男性 51
I came to Australia for many years and love the country life here. I have been busy working to fill lonely times with work. I am a career-oriented man, and I have simple requirements for life. Now I feel I need a partner to make myself no longer lonely. Previously worked in the technology finance industry, mainly doing some fund model design. Currently in a freelance state, working with friends to do some bulk trade food exports to China. In this current economic environment, investing in a type of business is difficult to do, and doing trade export business with relatively little risk.  I have stayed in Australia for a long time. I used to think that one's life would be okay and carefree, but now I'm in poor health and need to be company. I used to like writing poems, translating some Chinese songs, and also writing several English songs. In making friends, I am more cautious. I always feel that my circle of friends is also a sharing of values. I like Western culture very much and encourage young people to do more charity instead of more luxurious life. My dream is to be Bethune, not to participate in politics, and to do something beneficial for Australia and China. I wonder if there is a fate, you can meet the most beautiful scenery in life? I wonder if there is a fate, can you be true love?
外出社交, 旅游, 汽车和驾驶, 音乐
Ashfield, New South Wales, 澳大利亚