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Slevin01, Homme 36
A propos de moi
Glad to see that my irrésistible charm has retained your attention. Haha No im not narcissistic, just sarcastic. I saw a lot of profile and they say almost all the same thing. To change ill give you a préview about how i am. Im principaly here to find someone to practice my langages, but if im lucky maybe i can find someone to create something serious why not. For now im far to be victorious... Im not religious guy but isnt a problem for me if you are. Yes i know i look younger than my age, many people told. But im much more mature and supposed that it seem. Even with my childish side. Im open minded person. In général im multi faceted man handyman and very astute, i have ability on many field! Cooking, gardening,carpentry, architecture, i can fix all that can be within reasonable limits . ill stop here the list can be very long! Better ask me. Im introverted, yes no one are perfect... i have also a lot of defaut. But it will be a surprise, more or less good. Have the head on shoulders, I am facing a problem and I am trying to find the solution. Im funny, i have great sensé of humor, black humor too and i love sarcasm on funny way of course. As we say we can laugh about everything but not with everyone... I love to tease ans makes jokes (sometimes stupid coz of my childish side...) At the beginning i am very shy and réservéd man. I know to be discreet as it is necessary, limit erased... Excepter if i feel in confidence, i can be a true electric battery. I must admit sometimes unbearable, so if you feel courageous... Im a big sentimental, romantic. If we engage relationship we have to be fusional with a lot of complicité or the relation cant be possible it will be only platonic. For me happiness is not in the Bank note si dont ask me to be your sponsor... If you are interested after reading my profile you can write me, i dont bite, i mean never at the first date... just kidding. Again, il here to practice my langages i have base in few and i want to develop them. I can speack english, russian, spanish
Musique, Sorties/Soirées, Sports, Voitures et Mécanique, Voyage
Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees, France