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WilliJK, Male 67
About Me
PLEASE READ MY PROFILE BEFORE EXPECTING ME TO LIKE YOU BACK. IF I DON'T, YOU ARE FALLING WAY SHORT OF WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR IN A PROFILE. THANKS ! First of all, I do not speak Spanish. Apart from speaking English and German fluently, i also speak some French (and Latin). You can assume, that I am rather well-educated, and I love good, intelligent and meanongful conversations and discussions about almost anything. I also have a very good sense of humor, so scammers beware, I won't tell you, if I found you out but will have a lot of wicked fun with you and waste your time. My aptitude for anything complicated and technical emerged at a very early age, when I discovered, that mom's sewing machine oil would also make my toy cars go s lot faster, if applied to the right spots inside (required dismantling and reassembling) - the rest is history. Needless to say, I am good at repairing and customising almost anything mechanical or electronic, and to extremely high standards too. I am multi-skilled, which can come in quite handy too. As I am a bit of a foodie, I learned quickly, that kitchen skills are very useful. I am also very decent at BBQs. Did you know, that cakes baked from scratch taste way better than those out of packets and don't take longer to make ? I am a tea drinker, so you won't be able to seduce me with coffee, I just don't like its flavor much. I also prefer (red) wine over beer, but I also know, when to stop, so you will never find me drunk. I don't ever take any "controlled substances" whatever these may be, and I do not gamble - ever ! There are plenty of better things to do for having a good time. Admittedly I am not averse to some adventure, and dating online is surely taking risks, but in real life nothing is safe and guaranteed, not even the warranty on a car. The British SAS (comparable to the US marines) have a very apt motto : Who Dares Wins ! I made it my own. Would you dare to like my profile and start a conversation with me here on this site ? Once we are fairly acquainted here, could continue corresponding by other means, but this will take several days at least. Besides, I do not have Hangouts nor Skype, and I have no interest in installing these. Do you know, what a heat-seeking missile is ? Well I am the human version of one, and maybe I need even a military classification because of this. I never liked winter and snow, and ice only should go into my cool drink on a hot day. I am very straightforward and honest and will treat others with the same degree of honesty they afford me. There is no use in telling lies, because eventually these will destroy any budding relationship. I am here for the "real thing", and definitely not for anything casual. Should you think along these lines too, let's start to talk seriously.
Serving God, Arts, Sailing, Outdoors activities, Cooking, Going Out, Movies, Music, Reading, Travel
Winfield, Kansas, United States