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joshmealways, Male 45
About Me
Hi, I'm Josh, Thanks for taking a moment to check me out. On to the basics. Who am I? I was born and raised in Puerto Rico America ,In my spare time I love to hang with friends, go to movies, swim with dolphins and manatees, Broadway musicals, comedy clubs and travel around the world, preferably to a beach. I love sleeping to the sound of the ocean. I spent the last decade focused mainly on my career getting established and creating financial security and now I want to focus more on having fun and traveling.You might ask "hey, if this guy is such a nice guy and good catch, why He is still single again,Good question. The truth is I focused on my military career most of my life to the exclusion of everything else. I appreciate what I have and what life has to offer. I realize that my life, while full, would be so much nicer with a special woman. Unlike most professionals, I do have the time to dedicate to that someone special. I understand that relationships require time, honesty and trust to grow. I don't have trouble getting dates, but I miss the intimacy of a relationship with a woman who is ready and willing to come 100% of the way in the relationship no matter how the distance may be, i can work it out with that special woman, i’m open to trying just about anything new. You can Please after reading my profile, don't just wink back at me, write me and i will respond because this took me so long to compose, LOL
Cooking, Gaming, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Sports, Travel
Wayne, Michigan, United States