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happysoul007106, Male 59
About Me
Hello there admirer! It’s important that you know the kind of man you are viewing and hopefully about to message! I’m a Taurus, I may appear physically strong but believe me my heart is soft and I wear it on my sleeve; but that doesn’t mean I will settle for less than I deserve in any way. I would rather be alone forever than be in a relationship with the wrong person. Been there, it was hell... “Everybody is looking for the right person but no one is trying to be the right person” I’m a spontaneous man when there’s need for it cause I have been to so many places and seen life from different places and position; what you own or have doesn’t matter at the end. All that matter is being genuinely happy on the inside, having peace of mind, seeing everyone around you genuinely smiling and living the life of your dreams, yes. I’m a positive laid back back man, humble (we are all dusts), I'm old fashioned and the little things matter to me so much, I’m full of flaws cause I’m not perfect. Do you love laughing, I have a good sense of humor and will crack you up real bad lol, I'm a weirdo and a big goofy when you get to know me. I can't believe I'm putting this on here, but it's the truth about me. I have traveled all over the World tho there are places that I would love to visit again like Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, Santorini in Greece, Bora Bora in Polynesian, just to mention a few.. I'm looking for someone to share my life, world and happiness with. A woman who I don’t need, a woman who doesn’t need me but we compliment each other’s lives. I love traveling, do you? A woman whose heart is young, adventurous, open minded has character and empathy. Someone who's affectionate and whose PDA is 99%. I’m not looking for a perfect woman in physique, I just want someone who understands the word COMMITMENT, LOYALTY, RESPECT and COMMUNICATION. I’m looking for one who can trust with her flaws, open her heart and heal of any hurt from the past! Someone who knows that it takes work, work and more work to make a relationship last! A lot of people ask me on here what I’m looking for! I’m not looking for perfection! A lot of people want to go into a relationship not knowing it takes work and more work no matter how much both of you love each other to keep our relationship. If honestly you read all till this point that means you are serious about what you are looking for and my kind of person. Go ahead and leave a message, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step... Now let’s make make memories together that we will look back to 20yrs from now and say congratulations to each other... Yay I’m looking for love that will last, I’m too old to be jumping from a relationship to another.. I’m looking for MY FIRST LAST KISS. Are you the one FOR ME?
Cooking, Health and Fitness, Music, Reading, Travel, Cars and Motoring, Movies
New Smyrna Beach, Florida, United States