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germandolovers, Male 40
About Me
I'm a Christian who believes in God. I work hard, mind my own business, and stay the course. I tolerate others (to some degree) but know where I stand. I know how to have fun and have a great sense of humor. I love going to the lake or some small town around here on the weekends. I have manners and I use them. I still believe in chivalry, mercy, and respect. I enjoy working with my hands and fixing things around the house. I own my own business, live on my own, pay my own bills, have a reliable truck, and a couple of college degree. I love kids (especially those with manners), animals (especially dogs), the outdoors, and spending time with family and friends (especially out on the lake). I can cook, bake some amazing cookies, and even clean up after myself. I keep a clean house and know how to take care of a household. (Thanks, Grandma!) I’ll never abuse you or try to control or change you. I'll never mention your flaws. I'll take blame for things I may not have done. I'll encourage you to laugh, sing, smile and play. I'll let you go out with your girlfriends and be yourself. I'll shut up and LISTEN when you need to talk. I'll wait without complaining while you shop. I'm affectionate and emotionally-available, honest, faithful, respectful, and secure in my masculinity. I want a friend first and a life-long lover and soul mate if possible.
Orange Park, Florida, United States