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Forgivemedinora, Male 22
About Me
I am a man with autism and I have anxiety but I won't let that stop me from finding love because I Know that deep down there is hope for anybody willing to go to take it and I am that kind of person.i have a liking towards games like Minecraft because it encourages creativity and has a world full of infinite possibilities and alternate dimensions that I can access one which is the nether ,a wasteland full of horrifying creatures that guard gold and other treasures and the end which is an eerie place full of TV static and islands that have strange plants and mysterious cities ,you can explore mountains in the overworld to deep in the ocean ruins ,all in all Minecraft is a fun game and very addicting .I also have a liking to towards video games like portal 2 ,Terraria,halo,and others .my taste is music would go to liking Eminem's music , Pink's or various personality is of a shy , anxious and ambitious person but I also have compassion and I show great care for those who suffer .I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and I can be very stubborn sometimes ..but hey that is just me but I can learn from my mistakes. Hope you like what you see ..💖我是一个患有自闭症的人,但我很焦虑,但我不会因此而阻止我寻找爱情,因为我知道内心深处有人愿意接受它的希望,而我就是那种人。喜欢Minecraft之类的游戏,因为它鼓励创造力,并且拥有一个充满无限可能性和替代维度的世界,我可以进入一个是下层土地的荒地,那里是充满了守护黄金和其他宝藏的恐怖生物的荒地,而最后是一个阴森恐怖的地方到处都是电视静寂,岛上有奇怪的植物和神秘的城市,您可以探索世界上的山脉,直到海洋废墟深处,总而言之,我的世界是一个有趣的游戏,而且非常令人上瘾。我也喜欢视频游戏,例如传送门2,Terraria,Halo等。我的爱好是音乐,喜欢Eminem的音乐,Pink或其他各种音乐。我的性格是一个害羞,焦虑和野心勃勃的人,但我也很有同情心,并且我对那些遭受。我有两只狗和两只猫,有时候我会很固执..但是,嘿,那只是我,但我可以从错误中学习。希望你喜欢你所看到的..💖
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Anchorage, Alaska, United States